Fequently asked questions about the Local Church
Questions concerning our beliefs

Is your view of the Trinity scriptural?

Do you agree with a modalistic view of the Trinity?

Do you believe that only those meeting with the local church are Christians?

Do you believe that you are the only true church?

Why do some people call you “the church of Witness Lee”?

Questions concerning our practices

Do you have your “own” Bible?

Do you value the writings of Bible teachers other than Witness Lee and Watchman Nee?

Do you participate in joint efforts with other Christian groups?

Questions concerning controversy

Why do some people accuse you of being a cult?

What is your view of lawsuits between Christians?

Frequently asked questions concerning the Beliefs and Practices of the Local Churches

Are you seeking information about the "local church"? This website is operated by some members of the local churches to aid those who wish to examine and evaluate the beliefs and practices of the local churches.

Answers are provided here to some of the questions that have been raised regarding the local churches. Additional questions and answers will be provided in the future.

Other websites providing more information about the local churches include local church, Christian Websites, and the Lord's recovery.

Questions, comments and fellowship are welcomed from any who desire sincere dialogue or inquiry regarding the teachings and practices of the local churches. You are invited to contact us at contact@ltm.org